Tuesday, March 04, 2008

China Pearls and Jewellery City to open in April

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March 04, 2008

Zhuji, China—China Pearls and Jewellery City (CP and J City), a manufacturing, importing, exporting and trading center, and year-round exhibition space for pearls and jewelry, will celebrate its grand opening at a ceremony on April 18.

Located in Zhuji, China, in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, the entire site will take up an area of 1.2 million meters squared, or nearly 300 acres.

Among the facilities and services available at CP and J will be a center for manufacturing, processing and trading pearls, jewelry, accessories and equipment; more than 5,000 shops and booths; a year-round platform for exhibition, display and trade; warehouse and logistics facilities; import and export, banking and insurance services; a five-star hotel, restaurants, entertainment and residential facilities; and an international jewelry appraisal and training center.

On April 18, phase one of CP and J's Market Centre, an area for pearl and jewelry shops and booths, will be open for business. Attendees of the grand opening event will also have the opportunity to visit the Third China Zhuji Xishi Cultural Festival and the Sixth China Pearl Festival.

For more information, e-mail info@cpjcity.com.

Detailed story from http://www.cpjcity.com/

China Pearls and Jewellery City (“CP & J City), situated in Shanxiahu Town, Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, is a core project that the Zhuji Government has undertaken. The total investment of the project is over RMB3 billion, and the planned site area of Phase 1 is about 410,000 m 2 .

CP&J City shall offer all- new growth potentials, ample business opportunities and comprehensive service to all business runners in the pearl and jewellery industry. Major product lines to be traded at the City shall include a full range of raw pearl, pearl products as well as pearl jewellery, including freshwater pearl, South Sea pearl, Tahitian pearl; other product lines shall include jewellery made of gold, platinum, silver diamonds, gemstones and semi-precious stones. The multi-functions of the city shall range from manufacturing, processing, assembling, research and development, designing, wholesaling, retailing, ordinary and bonded warehousing, delivering, e-commerce, convention, exhibiting and all the way down to a full range of related professional services.

With over 5,000 booths and shops, the project will serve as:

• a global pearl and jewellery production and processing centre,

• a distribution and logistic centre,

• a branded product display and trading centre,

• a capital circulation and industry information release centre,

• a jewellery cultural exchange, business travel and shopping centre, and

• a sales and marketing headquarters of local and international branded manufacturers.

CP&J City shall be divided into five major areas, namely the Jewelry Raw Materials and Accessories, Finished Products and Tools and Equipment Trade Area, Exhibition Area, Manufacturing and Processing Area, Business Service Area and Supporting Facilities Area. It is an integration of the prominent features of jewellery industry with a gigantic business scale and a comprehensive range of supporting facilities of a modern and international standard.

It is expected that Phase I of CP&J City shall have a site area of approximately 350,000 m 2 and a construction area of approximately 50 0 ,000 m 2 . The Trade Area in Phase I will consist of over 2,400 shops and booths, varying in different sizes (5m x 12m x 3 storeys, 4m x 8m x 2 storeys, or 3m x 3m x 1 storey etc.). They are installed with central conditioning or independent air- conditioners and within easy access to the flow of visitors from all directions. Other value- adding elements are their artificial intelligent functions as well as superb furnishings. Supporting facilities serving this gigantic pearl and jewellery trade platform shall include office buildings, five-star hotels, living quarters as well as leisure zones and green areas.