Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pearls and Global Warming

Pearl farmers live in some of the world’s most beautiful places: sheltered lagoons with pristine clean waters and some of the world’s highest biodiversity. But this closeness to nature also means that they are also one of the most vulnerable industries to climate change. At this year’s GIA Gemfest in Basel, which featured leading pearl producers from all over the world, the topic of the threat of global warming to the quantity and quality of pearl production was one of the interesting topics raised. more...

Mikimoto introduces South Sea grading system

New York—Pearl house Mikimoto has created a grading system for its South Sea cultured-pearl collections.

The proprietary system, similar to Mikimoto's Akoya grading system established in 1974, gives each pearl a grade based mainly on the luster and surface perfection of the gem. The system does not reflect a pearl's shape, size and color, but those factors do contribute to the pearl’s value.

Pearls receive grades from A to AAA. A AAA South Sea pearl represents the most perfect possible pearl.