Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Paspaley unveils its latest style sensations in jewellery


Paspaley, the pearling pioneer unveils its latest style sensations for the season with a spread of tantalizing jewellery creations featuring South Sea pearls, diamonds, rubies, 18k white and yellow gold in necklaces, pendant chains, drop earrings and stud earrings.

Offered in 4 sets combining neck pieces with earrings, each of these jewels stands out for the bewitching craftsmanship and finish for which Paspaley is now recognized the world over. And these creations are designed to perk up both the wearer and the viewer on a dark and chilly autumn day, blending the moonlight glow of South Sea pearls with the sparkle of diamonds and the deep blush of rubies. What's more, these jewels are perfect for an evening out in town or even as daytime wear for the daring amongst us.
"Paspaley once more regales its fans with a stunning display of its fabulous artistry. These one off pieces are sure to find instant admirers in the region due to their remarkable design, craftsmanship and finish. They strike a perfect balance between minimalism and traditional pieces which are generally heavy, to appeal to women of all ages,"said Mr. Tawhid Abdullah, Managing Director, Damas. The first delectable offering features luscious, golden South Sea pearls, strung at intervals on a slender, rigid chain studded with a neat row of tiny white diamonds and interspersed with yellow diamonds arranged in triangles. This chain in turn holds up, trophy-like, its bounty of priceless South Sea pearls of various sizes, arranged to form a pendant. It's a piece that will enhance the glow of its wearer's face and light up a thousand smiles on the way. Match it with drop-earrings that go perfectly to create a stunning look. The next creation is pristine in all its glory, stringing a slim and rigid white gold sphere encrusted with white diamonds, interspersed with pretty, pear-shaped rubies and diamonds that form flowers and buds at six points, before diving down into a triangle holding one awesome South Sea pearl. The sharp white of the gold and the brilliance of the diamonds provide a startling contrast to the deep pink of the rubies, which is further softened by the allure and luster of the pearl. What sets apart a Paspaley creation is its execution of design, perfect proportion and choice of the finest precious material which endows it with a halo of purity that's tangible. This is what makes this pearl enterprise a jeweller that's counted among the front ranking jewelers of the world today. The avian world is the source of inspiration for its next creation, where cherubic white South Sea pearls, sport fronds of white gold richly paved with white and yellow diamonds, to first become an extravagant stud earring and later a two-pearl pendant strung on a chain of white gold. The next two jewels include two spherical yellow gold pendant chains whose outer perimeters are lined with tiny white diamonds and rubies, with one single perfectly round South Sea pearl in the centre. Simple but avant garde, both are jewels which are sure to be embraced by the discerning jewellery lover. As a company whose world revolves around the fabulous South Sea pearl, Paspaley glows with the luster of a reputation for extraordinary standards of excellence in both enterprise and product, much akin to its bewitching merchandise from the sea. To select a jewel bearing its fabled name is to rejoice in one of life's magical moments. Paspaley's latest creations are now available at its exclusive boutiques in Dubai.