Saturday, September 29, 2007

Marie Antoinette pearls on auction


In the year 1973, Marie Antoinette, the French Queen gave pearls to a British government for safe keeping and after she was imprisoned the pearl was for auctioned. If you did not know who is Maried Antoinette. She is remembered for her legendary and heroic act during the French Revolution in 1793 and was executed by guillotine for the crime of treason.

Marie Antoinette, the French Queen
On 1770, Marie Antoinette was conveyed to the Royal Palace and married The Dauphin" Louis XVII. Just before the wedding , Marie Antoinette presented with the beautiful jewels that belonging to a French dauphine. The collection included an elaborate diamond necklace which had belonged to Anne of Austria and jewelry pieces which had also belonged to Mary Queen of Scots and Catherine de' Medici. The large collection of gems was valued at approximately 2 million lives. The Dauphin and Marie Antoinette were married, with the bride wearing a dress decorated by large white hoops covered in diamonds and pearls .According to Christie's , owner of Christie's Jewellery in London.Based on circumstantial evidence that the real owner of this pearl was the French Queen not to the Lady of Sutherland, Elizabeth Leveson-Gower. It were reportedly given to Elizabeth Leveson-Gower, wife of the British ambassador to France during the French Revolution, and were intended to help the queen if she managed to flee the country. Lady Sutherland is also believed to have guided the Austrian-born queen, her husband King Louis XVI, and their family in a failed attempt to flee France in 1791.Marie Antoinette, pearls necklace was now on auctioned and made of rubies, diamonds and are expected to raise up to $800,000 when they are sold in December. It is to be auctioned on Dec. 12 with an estimated price of 350,000 to 400,000 pounds sterling (US$705,320 to 806,080 or 499,589 to 570,959 euro).